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Havenstein takes a stand: All of the above

This morning, during a radio interview with Jack Heath on WGIR 610, Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein refused to state his positions on marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose:

Heath: Let me ask you for clarity on this show. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

Havenstein: No. Jack, I have very strong personal views on that issue, as other people do. I’m not going to make that part of my campaign or governing, frankly. I suspect it will come up not just here but in other places in the future, but I’m going to be focused on pro-growth, as opposed to the social issues.

Heath: But you know at a forum or debate, someone is going to say, “Mr. Havenstein, you’re running for governor. Are you pro-life, pro-choice? Do you support gay marriage?” Those are questions that you’re going to be asked. So would you just share a position on either?

Havenstein: No, I’m not going to share a position on either today.

Then, on his way over to WMUR for an interview with Josh McElveen, Havenstein apparently realized that his stonewall strategy was not going to fly. The former defense contractor addressed both issues with McElveen — by taking both sides:

h/t: NHDP

Quote of the day: One down, six to go!

Odell Retiring. One Down, 6 to go!

Aaron Day, Republican Liberty Caucus chair, on announcement by state Sen. Bob Odell (R-New London) that he will not seek re-election. The Facebook comment was subsequently deleted.

RLC candidate to primary state Sen. Bob Odell

At a press conference last fall, the chair of the libertarian Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire promised to support a primary challenge for any Republican state senator who voted for the bipartisan compromise plan to expand Medicare.

“Anybody that votes for this federal expansion of Medicaid,” declared Aaron Day, “can expect a very serious set of challenges in terms of candidates and in terms of financial resources.”

Last night, the first RLC-backed candidate emerged. JP Marzullo, former Deering Selectman and currently Vice Chair of the State Republican Committee, announced he is contesting the District 8 state senate seat held by Bob Odell (R-Lempster).

Senator Odell and I differ in several areas one of which is Healthcare,” Marzullo wrote on his web site, “I spent over 35 years in the healthcare industry and I believe there is a better way to deal with covering our most needy residents without taking Federal money.”

As Marzullo announced his candidacy, Day distributed a message endorsing his primary challenge. “The RLCNH endorses JP and I urge you to support him vigorously as he strives to reclaim our liberty and prosperity,” he wrote. “NH has been plagued by the engorgement of government at the state and federal level by politicians who don’t understand that you cannot be both compassionate and insolvent at the same time.”

The connection between Marzullo and the RLC is evident on Marzullo’s web site. The template for his site, candidate.nhlibertytour.com, is hosted on a RLC site that was used to publicize a speaking tour by Day to recruit libertarian candidates. Marzullo’s site, jp4nh.com can also be reached with a RLC address: district08.nhlibertytour.com.

Senate District 8 is a swing district with towns in Cheshire, Hillsborough, Merrimack and Sullivan counties. It has a Partisan Voting Index of R+1. Pres. Obama carried the district in 2012 by a 50.8% to 47.2% margin.

Quote of the day: Nullify, nullify, nullify

I’m going to be using the word “nullify” a lot. Once elected, I’m going to be rallying the troops in the legislature and hoping and pushing and doing everything we can to nullify, nullify, nullify. As much of the federal health care mandates that we can, as far as the E.P.A. mandates that we can, everything we can, we’re going to push back against Washington using our constitutional rights.

Andrew Hemingway, Republican gubernatorial candidate, on his plan to reverse federal regulation

Quote of the day: The hollow and vapid establishment

It is the liberty conservatives vs the hollow and vapid establishment again. What good is power if you stand for nothing? We must stop electing robots who kick the can down the road.

— State House Rep. Tim Comerford (R-Fremont) on Scott Brown’s Republican primary campaign for the U.S. Senate

Brown announcement: Ray Buckley 1, Jack Kimball 0

Plans by gun rights advocates to “crash Scott Brown’s campaign kickoff” fizzled.

New Hampshire House candidate Harrison deBree organized the protest and created a Facebook event to promote it.

"Anti-Gun and Bloomberg endorsed Scott Brown is officially kicking-off his campaign at the Sheraton Hotel in Portsmouth, NH," he wrote. "Lets all dress up (suits, sport coats and slacks, or at least a button down shirt please) and bring SIGNS letting gun grabber Scott Brown know he is not welcome in New Hampshire politics."

It was not to be. Dozens of Democrats showed up to “welcome” Brown’s announcement — but the gun protest never materialized. The Democrats “way out numbered us,” deBree wrote in an online forum. We were “beaten” by the Democrats, he concluded.

One Republican protester who did show up was former state GOP chair Jack Kimball, who made a brief appearance on the sidewalk outside the Sheraton.

"Jack Kimball did show up but he quickly left as Ray Buckley the NHDP chair was there," wrote deBree. "Jack Kimball was telling me he didn’t want to be associated with Ray Buckley protesting Brown."image

Map: 2014 PVI by Executive Council District

This is the last in a series of studies describing the partisan makeup of New Hampshire voting districts based on the 2008-2012 presidential vote in each district.

This map documents the partisan voting index for the five executive council districts. Previous posts took a look at the the state’s cities and towns, House districts and Senate districts.

See earlier posts for discussions of the Partisan Voter Index (PVI) and the methodology behind the calculations.

NH02: Anti-abortion PAC endorses Marilinda Garcia


Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund, an anti-abortion political action committee, has endorsed state House Rep. Marilinda Garcia in her Republican primary contest with former state Sen. Gary Lambert to take on Congresswoman Ann Kuster.

“State Representative Garcia is a rising star in politics and we are proud to endorse her campaign,” said President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Marilinda has proven track record of defending life in New Hampshire and is an original member of the SBA List’s National Pro-Life Woman’s Caucus.”

Garcia’s anti-abortion views are not in question. On her previous campaign web site, she wrote that she believes the U.S. Constitution prohibits abortion. Garcia described her position as “[b]elieving that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life and clarifying the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections as applicable to unborn children.”

SBA List did not explain why they endorsed Garcia over Lambert. Both candidates have nearly identical anti-choice voting records and are on the record supporting fetal homicide legislation, prohibiting the use of public funds for abortion services, requiring 24-hour notice for abortions, prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks and banning so-called partial-birth abortions.

Gun rights? Yes. Religious tolerance? Not so much.

Yesterday, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad proclaimed it Muslim Recognition Day in the Hawkeye State as Iowa Muslims gathered at the Capitol to discuss their faith and celebrate their heritage.

This was all too much for the gun rights advocates with the New Hampshire chapter of Gun Rights Across America. “You have got to be kidding,” the GRAA administrator wrote on their Facebook page. “Sadly this is true we just confirmed it with our Iowa folks.”

"wtf are they doing?" asked one member.

"Trying to piss off the Patriots from the looks of it," replied the administrator.

Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, Marilinda Garcia: Opponents of equal pay [VIDEO]

Jack Kimball: Put Obama in an orange suit and ‘drag his butt out of that White House’

At a gun rights rally in Connecticut on Saturday, former GOP chair Jack Kimball didn’t promote his plan to recruit thousands of Granite Staters to help overthrow the U.S. government — now he wants Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to do it:

I am, by the way, an advocate of having one of my favorite sheriffs in the United States of America, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to take some posses and go down to Washington, DC and put this man in an orange suit — in fact pink is his suit, pink would look better, sorry — and drag his butt out of that White House. . . . 

Video recorded by Mert Mefa on April 5, 2014 in Hartford, CT.

A tepid endorsement for Jim Rubens: He’s my tenth choice, but he’s better than nobody


Last week, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens announced endorsements from 12 libertarian activists. The group included several prominent Free Staters and one elected official, state House Rep. George Lambert (R-Litchfield).

Lambert’s endorsement was, shall we say, less than enthusiastic. “I have been telling him, he is not my first choice for Senate since he asked me to support him last June,” wrote Lambert in a Facebook message. “And to be honest he still is not my first choice.”

Lambert identified the potential candidates he would have preferred over Rubens: Republican Liberty Caucus chair Aaron Day, Sen. Andy Sanborn, gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway, state Reps. Al Baldasaro, Pam Tucker, Dan Tamborello, “a few others,” and his first choice, “a real ‘liberty carpet bagger,’ ” former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.

"I have asked them all and they said no," Lambert continued. "So I have to look at the field of choices available knowing that an empty oval in November is a vote for Shaheen."

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