House Bill 1264: “La Cage aux Jim Crow”

House Bill 1264 would allow anyone to deny accommodations, goods, or services for a marriage if doing so would violate his or her conscience or religious faith. While the bill does not specifically mention same-sex marriages, the intent is clear.

This bill is stark evidence, writes Cord Jefferson, that we can no longer deny the parallels between the gay rights movement and the American civil rights movement.

Writing for USA Today last year, black journalist Ellis Cose called the gay rights-black rights comparison a “false equivalency.” Anti-black racism, he wrote, “was relentlessly oppressive, as entire communities were cordoned off and disadvantage was handed down through generations. With gays, we are not looking at roped-off communities.”

A shocking new bill in New Hampshire may be enough to change the minds of Cose and his ilk.

If African-Americans—or anyone else, for that matter, would like to continue to argue that the gay rights movement bears no strong resemblance to the civil rights movement, I’d suggest they take a serious look at this new bill in New Hampshire. Indeed, while there are currently no anti-gay, Jim Crow-style blockades at Americans businesses, it’s not for lack of trying.