National Org. for Marriage’s Deceptive Ad Campaign

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is running radio ads promoting House Bill 437, legislation that would repeal same-sex marriage in New Hampshire, as a “common sense compromise.”

And that’s why there’s compromise legislation. HB 437 restores traditional marriage in the law but provides for civil unions for gay couples, giving them full legal rights.

NOM has been labeled “anti-gay” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for propagating “demonizing propaganda” based on “known falsehoods” and “repeated, groundless name-calling.” This ad is no exception.

Listeners are not told the so-called compromise would offer absolutely no legal protection to same-sex couples, as it explicitly exempts them from protection under state discrimination laws. Nor are they told that the “marriage substitute” offered to same-sex couples makes a mockery of the unions by allowing any two unmarried adults to form a civil union — including family members.