O’Brien Outspoken in Defense of Birther Outburst

New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien defended House members who disrupted a state Ballot Law Commission hearing last year saying they were “convicted in the court of public opinion” on false charges. He accused Attorney General Michael Delaney of publicizing details of an “alleged crime" in an effort to "denigrate three state representatives and, by extension, the New Hampshire House of Representatives.”

An investigation by the head of State House security concluded the lawmakers did not violate any laws when they threatened BLC chairman Brad Cook and confronted Assistant Attorney General Matthew Mavrogeorge. Mavrogeorge had feared for his safety and called capitol security from a locked office following the confrontation.

The three lawmakers, Reps. Harry Accornero, Susan DeLemus and Al Baldasaro, attended the Ballot Law Commission hearing in support of a complaint filed by Birther Queen Orly Taitz who attempted to keep President Obama off the ballot for the New Hampshire presidential primary. The fracas erupted after the commission ruled against the Birther complaint.

Rep. Susan DeLemus, a freshman Republican from Rochester, acknowledged raising her voice when speaking with Mavrogeorge and issued an apology afterward. DeLemus, who is clerk of the House Election Law committee, told authorities she thought Mavrogeorge was longtime Secretary of State Bill Gardner.