Gun Slinging Lawmakers: Oops! … I Did It Again

The inmates are running the (New Hampshire House) asylum — and they’re armed! When state Rep. Kyle Tasker dropped his gun during a committee hearing yesterday, the national press was all over it.

They correctly pointed out it is not illegal to carry a firearm in the State House. One of the first things Republicans did when they took over in 2010 was to repeal a gun ban that prohibited anyone but active law enforcement from carrying a deadly weapon in the complex.

The press, however, failed to note that dropping loaded guns on the floor has become a routine occurrence among the Republican lawmakers. State Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley reminded everyone that this wasn’t the first time.

Of course, perhaps Representative Tasker has taken his gun safety lessons from Representative George Lambert, who was seen picking up his holster and gun after they fell off while he was standing outside the State house last year.”

Rep. Chuck Townsend countered that it wasn’t even the second time!

"Rep. Mirski’s pistol fell when he sat down during a redistricting committee meeting. He didn’t notice and we sat watching his pistol on the floor pointing at us through the entire meeting."