Kelly Ayotte Veepstakes Recommendation: SELL

When I last checked in on New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, national commentators were endorsing her as a serious candidate for vice president and her stock was on the rise. Then she flubbed her big audition on Meet the Press and the press moved on.

As evidence of the cooling ardor, today she received a down arrow from the National Journal and fell from #6 to #10 on the Hotline Veepstakes Power Rankings.

Perhaps Romney’s best option if he wants to bring gender balance to the ticket, Ayotte got buzz when she appeared alongside Romney during his first trip to New Hampshire as the presumptive nominee. But few insiders believe she’ll make the short list.

Gamblers are cutting their loses. Today, Ayotte’s stock is trading on Intrade at $0.25/share, down from a high of $0.50/share last month, with bettors giving her just a 2.5% chance of being Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick.