Horn rewrites history: Americans voted for Ryan plan

In a fawning Patch op-ed endorsing Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate, former congressional candidate Jennifer Horn attempts to lend credence to Ryan’s budget plan by claiming the 2010 elections were a referendum on the controversial plan.

Most importantly, the American people have already voted for the Ryan plan over the Obama plan once before. The Democrats attempted to demonize Paul Ryan and his economic vision for America in 2010; attacking Ryan, and anyone who supported his proposed budget, was a cornerstone of the Democratic effort. Remember the “push Grandma over a cliff” ad?

The results of the election, of course, were historic. As the President himself said, the Democrats took a “shellacking,” and the Republicans, in large part, had Paul Ryan’s conservative policy document to thank.

Horn is attempting to rewrite history.

As Ryan Lizza’s must-read profile recounts, the Republican leadership wanted nothing to do with Ryan’s budget plan before the 2010 election:

In July [2010], Boehner distanced himself from the plan … and in 2010 they campaigned against Obama’s alleged cuts to Medicare rather than for Ryan’s plan to end the program.

It was only after the 2010 elections, in April, 2011, that Ryan introduced the revised version of his budget plan that was embraced by the new Republican majority in the House — and President Obama responded by calling it “thinly-veiled Social Darwinism.”

If there was a referendum on the Ryan budget plan, it occurred during the April 2011 recess when congressional Republicans returned to their districts after voting for the plan and faced withering criticism from constituents. Just ask Congressmen Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass.

And that memorable “Granny Off the Cliff" video? It was released in May, 2011.