Congressman Frank Guinta’s breathtakingly cynical campaign to ‘save’ Social Security

Today, New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta wrote of a “responsibility” to keep Social Security and Medicare “on a solid footing” for his two young children.

I am the father of two young children who are in grade school. I don’t want to face them 25 years from now and have to tell them why Social Security and Medicare won’t be available for them. Rather, I hope I will be able to tell them in 25 years, “Because Americans acted responsibly back in 2012, you will be able to count on Social Security and Medicare being there for you when you reach retirement age.”

Just two years ago, while campaigning for Tea Party support, Guinta spoke of a very different future for his children: “They shouldn’t know what Social Security is!”

Government’s the problem here, ladies and gentlemen. When Social Security was created, you didn’t have the wealth of private sector solutions for lifetime savings that you have today. We have to honor the obligations that have been made to those who are reliant on the federal government — older generations. But future generations should seek different private sector solutions and have personal responsibility start to lead the way. My kids are 6 and 5. They shouldn’t know what Social Security is!