Granite State Poll: Obama 49%, Romney 41%

President Obama now holds a “statistically significant” eight-point lead over Mitt Romney in New Hampshire according to the latest Granite State Poll. Obama leads Romney by a 49% to 41% margin with 7% undecided. When “leaners” are included, Obama leads 51% to 42%.

Two weeks ago, Obama led 47% to 41%. The President’s lead has bounced around, but he has led every Granite State Poll this year.

87% of likely voters in the Granite State now say they have definitely decided who they will vote for. 7% are leaning towards one candidate and only 6% say they are still undecided.

The survey measured a 30-point gender gap between the two candidates. Obama leads among women by a 57% to 34% margin, but trails among men 42% to 49%.

The Granite State Poll is conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. The results are based on telephone interviews of 773 likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.5%. The survey was conducted on October 17-21, 2012 on landline and cellular telephones.