Frank Guinta: I don’t need the FDA (cont.)

At least ten New Hampshire residents have contracted fungal meningitis linked to contaminated steroid injections produced by a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy. The outbreak has prompted health advocates to call on Congress to grant the FDA the same authority to regulate the safety and efficacy of drugs produced by compounding pharmacies that they currently have over drug manufacturers.

Not on my watch, says New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta. Think Progress reports that during last week’s debate with Carol Shea-Porter, Guinta rejected the suggestion that the outbreak highlighted the need for FDA regulation of the pharmacies.

Guinta: If your question is do you need more regulation, I don’t think you need more. What you need is the existing regulatory agencies to actually do their jobs properly. We know what the basic rules are, what the basic laws are. They need to be utilized in such a way where the bad actors are identified.

We should not have been surprised that Guinta opposes FDA regulation. After all, when he first ran for Congress, he made his disdain for the FDA very clear:

Guinta: Don’t you want the Food and Drug Administration inspecting every single piece of food you eat? My answer is no. I can go buy fresh farm food from a New Hampshire farmer. I don’t need the FDA to make that transaction!