Occupy NH members elected to NH House

Promising to counter the influence of Free State Project lawmakers, a ”handful” of Occupy New Hampshire members have been elected to the New Hampshire House. The group celebrated its electoral success on Facebook:

We aren’t going to reveal names, they can if they want. But we have 4 or 5 people who were very involved Occupiers, and another handful who were part of the network—either already Reps or newly elected. We got juice—or maybe just a little pulp.

One Occupy member who has gone public with his association is Tim Smith, a Manchester Democrat who was the leading vote-getter in Hillsborough District 17. Smith expressed interest in forming an Occupy caucus for like-minded House members as a “counterbalance” to libertarians in the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group closely associated with the Free State Project.

Earlier this year, there was a public split in the Occupy New Hampshire movement between progressives and Free State Project members. Occupy leaders pointed to Free Stater support for deep budget cuts and anti-union legislation as being antithetical to the core Occupy message of social justice and economic equality.