Kelly Ayotte: ‘A Romney type in Palin clothing’

Writing for The New Republic, Noreen Malone serves up a pitch-perfect profile of Sen. Kelly Ayotte as a GOP “foot soldier versed in talking points:” 

Ayotte might have vaguely mavericky biodata for a Republican senator—when was the last time the party had a pro-life but mostly moderate New England mom to boast of?— but she’s a footsoldier versed in talking points. This boringness is her true trump card, and the secret thus far to her national political success. She is the anti-Palin, perfect for a party still shellshocked by its grand experiment with charisma devoid of experience and not yet entirely chastened by its less-grand experiment with experience devoid of charisma. Ayotte is not going to mess up. She will hit her marks, even if she doesn’t inspire. She has carefully moved her positions rightward in order to move up in the national GOP. She is a Romney type in Palin clothing.