Observers ridicule O’Brien’s right-to-work obsession

Last week, Miscellany Blue was the first to report on former House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s Facebook update outlining his plan to reintroduce right-to-work legislation. O’Brien’s critics reacted with skepticism and derision.

He’s “plotting his come back,” warned New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley:

"O’Brien famously targeted and purged moderate GOP House members in this year’s fall primary for failing to support his radical agenda. Now, nearly two years away from the next election, O’Brien is at it again, using the House to plan his re-election strategy, rather than getting to work finding compromise solutions that will move New Hampshire forward."

Republicans former state Rep. Lee Quandt and Rep. Steve Vaillancourt feared a backlash against their party.

Quandt: The former speaker, O’Brien, has put in another right to work bill. What he says is that it is to find out who votes against it so they can be targeted in the next election. … It was pretty plain to see that O’Brien brought down the whole Republican agenda in the last election and now he’s looking at finishing off the survivors.

Vaillancourt: I suspect this is just Bill O’Brien being the consummate ideologue as we all know he is. Either that or he’s been reading Charge of the Light Brigade again… “into the valley of death rode the thousands”… is that how it went? O’Brien would have been great at Gallipoli!

Remembering the Speaker’s delaying tactics from last session, New Hampshire Business Review editor Jeff Feingold suggested the new House leadership might want to return the favor:

The former speaker says he’s all set to sponsor a right-to-work bill again, even thought it has absolutely zero chance of making it into law next session. Maybe they should keep him guessing when the vote on the bill will be held, when and if it gets that far.