Free State Project sets target date for mass migration

Over 13,000 libertarians have signed the Free State Project pledge, committing to move to New Hampshire with the stated goal of taking over state and local governments, slashing budgets and eliminating federal “interference.”

In their December newsletter, the group announced an aggressive program to recruit the additional members required to trigger the mass migration by the end of 2014:

Big Plans for 2013-2014: Trigger the Move

You heard it here: We plan to Trigger the Move by December 2014. This means we need to recruit 6,000+ signers over the next two years, which averages to about 60 per week. Aggressive? Yes. Impossible? No.

The Trigger the Move marketing plan include phone banking, an affiliate program, college outreach, a road tour, fundraising and advertising.

Nearly 600 new members have signed the FSP pledge in the last four months. The group seeks to double the rate of new members with the aggressive focus on recruitment.