O’Brien: ‘Senseless’ gun ban endangers House Reps

Two years ago, the Republican-led joint Legislative Facilities Committee repealed the gun ban that had prohibited anyone but active law enforcement from carrying a deadly weapon at the State House.

Newly elected state Rep. Rebecca Emerson-Brown is leading an effort to have the ban reinstated. This morning, the Portsmouth Democrat emailed the House Rules Committee asking for their support. “I firmly believe that there are places when firearms do not belong; churches, schools, hospitals and our great and historic House,” she explained.

Former House Speaker Bill O’Brien reacted by expressing concern for his safety:

Three emails sent by new representatives this morning [seek] to convert the statehouse into a gun-free, killing zone. Other representatives and I should not have to be endangered by senseless bans on personal protection while we are in Concord working on behalf of the people.