Threat goes unchallenged: ‘I say march in peacefully with open carry and remove these people’

In a Facebook posting last night, Gary Vago threatened members of the state House Rules Committee over a proposal to reinstate a ban on guns in the State House. “I say march in peacefully with open carry and remove these people,” he wrote.


Vago, a Republican activist from Nashua, posted his threat on a Facebook event created by GOP state Rep. George Lambert to organize a protest during today’s committee hearing.

Republican Reps. Al Baldasaro, JR Hoell, Pamela Tucker and Jordan Ulery visited the page and signaled their intention to attend the protest. No one challenged Vago’s threat. The only acknowledgement came from three visitors who actually “liked” it, including unsuccessful state Senate candidate Josh Youssef!

Granite State Progress first publicized the threat in a written statement. “This isn’t about gun rights, it’s about political intimidation,” director Zandra Rice Hawkins explained. “That type of language is unacceptable, particularly in light of the events of the past week.”

"Allowing this kind of rhetoric to go unchallenged," she warned, "could lead to severe and horrible consequences in New Hampshire.”