New Years Rulin’s: ‘Change socks. Wake up and fight.’


I don’t make formal New Year’s resolutions, but I’m perfectly happy to borrow Woody Guthrie’s “New Year’s Rulin’s, a list of resolutions Guthrie compiled and illustrated at the end of 1941. Happy New Year, everyone!

1. Work more and better 18. Stay glad
2. Work by a schedule 19. Keep hoping machine running
3. Wash teeth if any 20. Dream good
4. Shave 21. Bank all extra money
5. Take bath 22. Save dough
6. Eat good — fruit,¬†vegetables, milk 23. Have company but don’t waste time
7. Drink very scant, if any 24. Send Mary and kids money
8. Write a song a day 25. Play and sing good
9. Wear clean clothes — look good 26. Dance better
10. Shine shoes 27. Help win war — beat Fascism
11. Change socks 28. Love Mama
12. Change bed clothes often 29. Love Papa
13. Read lots good books 30. Love Pete
14. Listen to radio a lot 31. Love everybody
15. Learn people better 32. Make up your mind
16. Keep rancho clean 33. Wake up and fight
17. Don’t get lonesome ¬† ¬†