Rep. Ulery on credit card wielding ‘assassins’

State Rep. Dan Dumaine’s declaration that a credit card is a deadly weapon, uttered during a legislative debate over banning guns on the House floor, has gone national.

While most who commented responded with ridicule and derision, Rep. Jordan Ulery was quick to defend Dumaine. The Hudson Republican explained:

Credit cards have been used in several murders. I investigated one such work place violence death in an insurance company in MA (male lovers quarrel). As part of the investigation my research uncovered several similar cases across the country.

Assassins uses the ubiquitous card as a concealed weapon. The edge of the hard plastic is sharpened with a regular kitchen knife sharpener. After a few minutes work you have a very, very sharp edge. Yet when searched, most people see only a credit card that can’t cut paper.

Ulery did not shed any light on the relevance of the assertion.