Portsmouth Herald: Guinta’s short, unhappy tenure

In his final act, outgoing Republican Congressman Frank Guinta voted against the fiscal cliff legislation, claiming it “failed to include any meaningful spending cuts, increases our debt by trillions, and does nothing to promote pro-growth economic principles.”

In an editorial, the Portsmouth Herald looked back at Guinta’s “short, unhappy tenure” representing the state’s 1st congressional district and noted the vote “epitomizes his flawed thinking and the reason he failed to win a second term:”

Guinta thundered into office in a stampede of tea party emotion fueled by the public’s justified insecurity over our nation’s economic future. But Guinta failed to recognize that he had hitched his wagon to a team of wild horses that were doing far more damage than good. He somehow failed to recognize that the people of New Hampshire were no longer buying what the tea party had to sell.

In our meetings with the outgoing congressman, we have found him to be full of insights about politics but lacking an understanding of issues voters truly care about. Before deciding which office to seek next, we urge Guinta to do some soul searching about why he wants to seek another public office. Unless he learns to put serving and protecting the people of New Hampshire ahead of political ideology, we expect voters will reject him in future campaigns.