Shea-Porter: Common sense acts to fight gun violence

"It is time to stop bowing to special interests," writes U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, "and talk about how we are going to protect the right to have guns for sport and for protection, and the right to be safe from gun violence."

The first district congresswoman acknowledges an assault weapon ban will be politically challenging. Her list of “common-sense” legislation, she writes, should be easy:

The easiest step should be to require background checks for gun sales. This means gun sales involving most private sales, too. The majority of Americans support this plan. We also need to make sure that critical information is available when there is a background check. Records now are too often incomplete, and do not identify a buyer’s criminal history or a dangerous mental illness.

It is time to end high-capacity magazine sales. … I support banning magazines holding more than 10 rounds. This will help law enforcement and the public to disarm a mass shooter, and it will give people a better chance to escape a madman.

I support President Obama’s call to close loopholes in gun trafficking laws, and to beef up law enforcement in communities. Let’s also step up mental health services, and work together to encourage a reduction of violence in video games and television and movies. … Let’s get it done now. It has been a long and deadly wait.