Union Leader: Are you nuts? No guns in classrooms

House Bill 609, sponsored by self-proclaimed Constitutional expert Rep. Dan Itse (R-Fremont), would allow New Hampshire schools to arm teachers. Even the editor of the Union Leader thinks that’s a dangerous idea:

Even the best-trained teachers have off days. The classroom is a high-distraction environment. One forgetful moment — setting the gun on the desk, failing to snap the holster or lock the drawer, forgetting to engage the safety — could end in tragedy. The odds of that happening would be far greater than the odds of a teacher stopping an intruder.

A school classroom is not at all like the home. Gun owners can and usually do teach their children to respect firearms and handle them safely. How many children in a public school classroom will have been so instructed? How many teachers, even if trained, will properly store their guns 100 percent of the time?

No, the classroom is no place for loaded firearms….