Telegraph: Stench of this twisted logic is nauseating

There’s no question where the editors of the Nashua Telegraph stand on the HouseĀ proposal to let New Hampshire schools arm teachers:

The pure stench of this twisted logic is nauseating. Think about it: A maniac armed to the teeth with a military-style assault weapon or two and oversized bullet clips is going to be deterred by the possibility that a first-grade teacher or maybe an assistant principal might be packing a little heat? Get real.

No wonder state educators are lined up between time and Timbuktu to oppose this useless effort to codify mythology. They understand that an all-out gun battle waged between teachers and suicidal assailants on school grounds has as good a chance of increasing the body count as it does reducing it.

(As a non-germane aside, Between Time and Timbuktu is a 1972 film based on several Kurt Vonnegut stories. The title of the film refers to the fact that there is no word in the dictionary between the words “time” and “Timbuktu.” The editor, then, appears to be implying that educators are lined up in a vacuum — or perhaps he really meant to say they are lined up “from here to Timbuktu.”)