Jack Kimball: Step down or be forcibly removed

In a Facebook post promoting an upcoming gun rally, former New Hampshire Republican Party chair Jack Kimball issued a warning to lawmakers who support gun safety legislation:

It is time for all liberty-loving Americans to realize that our Republic is in great jeopardy. The recent attacks on our 2nd Amendment will eventually turn into gun confiscation if we don’t make a stand….

It is up to “We the People” to make it clear to those who would violate their oath that we want them to step down or to be forcibly removed from office. Time is running out….

Kimball did not go into detail about how the lawmakers would be “forcibly removed from office.” Supporter David Johnson did:

There is remedy. We are forming common law juries of the living people to hold our public servants accountable to their oaths, after they’ve perpetrated treason.

All counties will need a common law jury of their own. There is plenty of need at this time to stop those who breach their fiduciary trust and duty from continuing in office. Once they’ve been convicted for abandoning the public trust, then administrative remedy is available.

We the people are not the governed. We are to govern them. Their brazen acts and abuses of power and harm to the people can be answered in a constitutional, and lawful manner.

Johnson, an adherent of the sovereign citizens movement, believes the “authentic Constitution" was unlawfully abandoned after the Civil War and the American government was replaced by a foreign corporation. Sovereign citizens believe they are subject only to common law or “constitutional law” rather than statutory law.

Two years ago, a Wyoming common law jury made up of sovereign citizens convened after a member was found guilty of contempt of court. The Casper Star-Tribune reported that the jury declared the judge and three other county officials guilty of treason:

According to the “Presentment from Wyoming Grand Jury” filed with the Natrona County clerk’s office, jurors unanimously decided to criminally charge Skavdahl, Knight, Duncan-Malone and Ranes, and order their immediate removal from office.

Sovereigns believe the violation of the oath of office — including swearing to uphold the constitutions — constitutes treason.

And treason, as local sovereign teacher John Arthur Taylor Jr. has noted and has written into the new constitution of the Wyoming republic, is punishable by death.

Natrona County Sheriff Mark Benton has taken note of that. “It certainly concerns us when there are threats of violence,” he said.