Kimball threat not intended to be a factual statement

Yesterday, I highlighted a statement by former Republican Party Chair Jack Kimball in which he threatened lawmakers who support gun safety legislation. If you don’t resign voluntarily, he warned, you will “be forcibly removed from office:”

It is time for all liberty-loving Americans to realize that our Republic is in great jeopardy. The recent attacks on our 2nd Amendment will eventually turn into gun confiscation if we don’t make a stand. …It is up to “We the People” to make it clear to those who would violate their oath that we want them to step down or to be forcibly removed from office.

Former Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan suggested on Twitter that Kimball’s bluster rose to the level of a criminal threat:

It’s a crime in NH 2 threaten electeds 4 purpose of influencing vote; does threat of “forced removal” over gun votes qualify?”

Today, in an interview with Patch’s Dan Tuohy, Kimball folded like a cheap suit:

Reach by phone Wednesday, and asked about the choice of his wording (…”be forcibly removed from office…”), Kimball said it is meant to be a broad statement. “We’re talking about impeachment,” he said. “It’s really about integrity in the process.”

Of his strong language–that is, if some deem it strong language–Kimball is as much a straight-shooter as always. “I’m not a politically correct guy,” he says, “I think you know that.”