House passes family planning bill despite GOP opposition to condoning ‘irresponsible behavior’

The New Hampshire House today passed Senate Bill 194, which expands Medicaid eligibility for family planning services.

After sailing through the Senate in a voice vote, the bill was approved by the House with a 212-120 margin. Democrats voted in favor 184-2, with Free Stater Reps. Michael Garcia (D-Nashua) and Joel Winters (D-Manchester) being the only nay votes. 28 Republicans crossed the aisle to support the measure.

The legislation now goes to Gov. Hassan for her signature and an additional 10,000 Granite Staters will have affordable access to family planning. NARAL estimates the act will save the state $4.5 million each year and will reduce unintended pregnancies.

Some Republican lawmakers, however, had their own reasons for opposing the increased access to family planning services: