CREDO to Ayotte: ‘Stop lying about your vote’


CREDO, the social change organization that placed boots on the ground in 2012 to help defeat 1st District Congressman Frank Guinta, is targeting Sen. Kelly Ayotte over her claim that she supports gun background checks.

The group that has generated 12 million letters and three million calls to decision makers across the country is now calling on its members to “push back against these misinformation campaigns, and push back hard, by shaming these legislators and telling their constituents the truth about their right-wing records:”

It was outrageous when the Senate killed an up-or-down vote to require background checks — the most modest part of the president’s gun reform agenda.

But now four Republican senators who voted against the Manchin-Toomey amendment that would have strengthened background checks — and who have seen their popularity crash in local polling as a result — are scrambling to convince their constituents they actually supported background checks.

This is not only an outright lie, but it’s also a blatant and cynical attempt to mislead constituents about their senator’s voting record.

Tell Republican Senators Ayotte, Heller, Portman, and Paul: Shame on you for lying about your vote on background checks.