'I don't subscribe to the Tea Party ethos that says struggling Americans are parasites to be crushed'

State House Rep. John Hikel (R-Goffstown) took to Facebook today and blasted House Democrats for voting to “grossly raise taxes, increase the size and intrusiveness of state government” and diminish our “unalienable rights.” A constituent from Goffstown, Jennifer Garth, responded forcefully and eloquently. Excerpts from the discussion follows:

John Hikel Those of us whom were in the NH House yesterday experienced a losing effort trying to resist and defeat some of the most damaging tax increase including Common Core and Obama Care to mention a few but not limited to just those and attacks on our NH Bill of Rights and constitutional freedoms in the form of diminishing our rights by accepting more federal money with strings attached. …

Jennifer Garth I see a lot of vague talking points here (“grossly raise taxes, increase the size and intrusiveness of state government, diminishes our unalienable rights such as the right to self defense”). Can you name the specific things that he voted for/against that you are taking umbrage with, please? Thanks.

John Hikel … Now you can either believe someone who is sitting through it and watching it happen or you can engage yourself in the process but it will depend on how you look at tax increases whether they are more free stuff for those who feel entitled or are you of the ones who contribute so your government can give more of your money away.

Jennifer Garth John Hikel, I don’t subscribe to the Tea Party ethos that says that fellow struggling Americans who want to utilize government services are parasites to be crushed. … So you can take your Fox hate speech and use it on someone who agrees with you that the American citizens are the enemy and the lobbyists are the good guys.

John Hikel Wow Jennifer Garth, Are you misinformed about what I support. You are so far off base. Not one thing you just said is even close to accurate. … do you have such a dislike for hard working people like myself because we work 6 days a week trying to get buy and don’t work 7 to give more to the beast? Try being a productive contributor to society.

Jennifer Garth … And see, there you go again… “do you have a dislike for hard working people like myself”, meaning YOU don’t work so you wouldn’t understand. You tea party types are imperious, vainglorious, self centered menaces to society. You know nothing about me yet accuse me of not being a productive member of society. This kind of disdain for your fellow citizen shows in the legislation you press, whether you admit it or not.

John Hikel Sorry but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Seems contagious these days.