Pro-gun protesters gear up to confront Gabby Giffords: FULL BATTLE RATTLE!!!

The pro-gun crowd is planning to turn out in force to protest Friday’s Manchester appearance by former congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly. If past is prologue, it could get ugly.

On Facebook last night, the protesters debated whether they should come to the event armed. The organizer who suggested leaving their guns at home, “out of respect” for Giffords having been shot, was quickly drowned out:

John Burnham: Full gear or no weapons?

Chris J Gadsden: See as Giffords was shot at a rally, out of respect for that I would leave the weapons home. But I would plan to make signs and chant my message… clearly.

John Burnham: Makes sense and I can respect that. Wasn’t aware she was making an appearance.

James Marron: Fuck that!! I’ve been shot twice. You don’t see me asking for people to be politely disarm themselves around me. Enjoy your freedoms. Let them know their message is futile and not welcome here. Me being armed is for everyone’s safety.

John Burnham: Another good point

John Burnham: Full gear it is

Seth R Hazen: Wish I could be there!!! God’s safety on all of you!

James Marron: 10-1 they move it to a school. Lol

Tactical Fatguy: Full gear or stay home

John Burnham: Well if its a college then we’re all set to carry

Gun Rights Across America: New Hampshire If its legal to do so then go forum it

WatchDog Irish III: Really so were showing sympathy to somebody who is trying to take our rights??? FUCK THAT FULL BATTLE RATTLE!!!

The New Hampshire appearance by Giffords and Kelly is part of the week-long, seven-state Rights and Responsibilities Tour calling for the immediate passage of common-sense gun safety laws. The protest is being organized by Gun Rights Across America, a Texas-based for-profit business.