O’Brien campaign fails ‘critical first test’

Former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien said the first quarter of fundraising was a “critical first test" for his congressional campaign. By most measures, he failed that test.

O’Brien’s $42,000 total pales in comparison to the $350,000 raised by Congresswoman Ann Kuster. As WMUR’s James Pindell noted, the disappointing take keeps the door open for a Republican primary challenger.

Many of the 22 individuals who donated at least $250 served with O’Brien in the House: Reps. Carol McGuire ($2600), Dan McGuire ($2600), Laurence Rappaport ($500), William Infantine ($250), Pamela Tucker ($250), and former Reps. Stephen Stepanek ($5200) and David Bates ($500).

The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity was represented with personal contributions from former New Hampshire executive director Cory Lewandowski ($1000) and current boss Greg Moore ($5200).

Just two political action committees contributed to O’Brien’s campaign, the National Right to Work Committee ($3000) and the Newt Gingrich’s American Legacy PAC ($2500). Contributions from corporations that directly benefited from O’Brien’s reign, including tobacco companies and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, were conspicuously absent.

O’Brien was more successful in raising money from his own family. His wife, Roxanne, donated the maximum $5200 and the candidate loaned $60,000 to his campaign.