U.S. Senate hopeful Testerman ‘pretty far to the right’

In her statement announcing an exploratory campaign for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, conservative activist Karen Testerman declared, “America‚Äôs strength lies in her people when they are free to be creative, to make choices, to succeed or fail.”

Her appreciation for Americans exercising their free will doesn’t extent to those who voted for Pres. Obama, however. Those Americans, she says, “voted against the Creator.”

In a gross understatement, UNH political scientist Dante Scala told Ben Leubsdorf that Testerman is “pretty far to the right among New Hampshire Republicans.” Here are a few examples of Testerman’s pretty extreme rhetoric:

On gun violence prevention:

The current attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights by the Obama Administration is a precursor to total gun confiscation and the final nail in the coffin to total serfdom.

On marriage equality:

Creating an unnatural class like counterfeit marriage denies the rights of others.

On Girl Scout cookies:

When the public hears about the open policy to admit transgender boys, the promotion of abortion to our innocent children, and the close association with Planned Parenthood, is it any wonder that annual cookie sales of the Girl Scouts USA are down?