Josh Youssef accuses Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins of lying to damage his reputation

In a new video, prospective state Senate candidate Josh Youssef accuses Concord Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins of lying “with the intention of trying to damage” his reputation.

"Annmarie Timmins has a history of distorting facts and actually flat out lying about me and about many other subjects in her newspaper," he declares.

"Anyone who reads her work, her smut journalism, will realize within the first couple of paragraphs, if not just the first couple of sentences, what garbage it is that comes off of her pen," he continues.

Youssef was reacting to Timmins’ story┬áthat appeared in the Monitor on August 13, 2013. Timmins reported on the Attorney General’s ruling that Youssef violated a state election law during his 2012 state Senate campaign. The AG’s office ruled Youssef violated the law when he published an anonymous blog creating the false impression that attorney Ed Mosca had endorsed his campaign.

Youssef emailed the Monitor’s publisher objecting to Timmins’ description of the blog’s disclaimer. The Monitor subsequently revised the online version of the story and ran a print correction.

In his YouTube description, Youssef gets even more personal:

It is no secret that Annmarie Timmins has what some consider to be a weird “thing” for Josh Youssef. We are not sure exactly why, but if you look at the volume of articles she has and continues to devote to Youssef, and just a quick look at how they are written - It may be clearly seen that something “weird” is going on at the Monitor - more specifically at Timmins’ desk.

Without a hint of irony, Youssef concludes the video by criticizing the Attorney General’s office for “trying to suppress people’s free speech.”