Conservative advocacy groups aroused by UNH sexuality workshop

Taking a cue from the faux-outrage and posturing in Washington over the government shutdown, local conservative advocacy groups pounded organizers of a sexuality workshop being held at the University of New Hampshire.

The “Orchestrating Orgasms" presentation by sexologist Megan Andelloux is part of UNH’s Sextober program, a series of events exploring love, sex, intimacy and relationships.

For Greg Moore, New Hampshire director of Americans for Prosperity, it was another opportunity to poke the university system for “frivolous priorities.”

In 2011, the Koch Brothers-funded free market advocacy organization championed the state budget proposed by then-Speaker Bill O’Brien that slashed the university system’s funding by $50 million and reduced the state’s contribution by half. Moore has since attacked the university for the cost of sabbaticals and money spent on rebranding.

Their brand is being hijacked by talking about $100,000 logos and prostitutes coming in from California,” Moore told the Union Leader. “From a branding standpoint, that does damage.”

Ashley Pratte, the 24-year-old executive director of Cornerstone Action, expressed a neo-puritan concern that the presentation might give attendees the impression that sex is fun.

I don’t see what the educational value is to a lecture or series of lectures like this at all,” she said. “I’m not too sure the topic is something students at that age should be encouraged to learn about.”

"It’s not like it’s promoting safety or prevention," she explained. "It’s more of a fun way to promote sex, which seems a bit odd that a college would be promoting that type of environment…."

Pratte hails from Manchester. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that QualityHealth named the Queen City as one of the ten least sexually active cities in the country.