Cornerstone Action: Sex sells


This was predictable. After criticizing a UNH sexuality workshop, Cornerstone Action sent out a fundraising email seeking to raise money over the flap. Calling it an “appalling lecture,” the appeal included a news clip in which executive director Ashley Pratte said, “This doesn’t seem to be something that all the students would be inclined to go to.”

The standing-room-only crowd, including some who waited in line for over an hour, offered evidence to the contrary. One attendee provided an online review of the “appalling lecture:”

[T]hat lecture was extremely educational. I learned stuff that I never in a million years would have learned from a regular sex ed class. The lecture was promoting safe sex and how to have fun without getting hurt, getting a disease, and knowing what you want and need.

She also had a message for Cornerstone:

I’m sorry, and excuse my language, but these conservatives need to just simply fuck off. We’re college kids. Sex is a part of our lives in some nature. No one is forcing anyone to go to this lecture.

The student “doesn’t seem to have much class,” answered Pratte. “Nice language.”