Rep. Ulery: ‘Reliable’ source found for Birther claims


On Facebook, state House Rep. Jordan Ulery (R-Hudson) tells his friends that he has found a “rather reliable" source for "interesting" information purportedly proving Pres. Obama was born in Kenya. "This may be worth actually examining in detail," he writes.

Ulery’s reliable source for this interesting new information is an article by a “Dr. Eowyn,” a blogger who has also suggested the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook shootings could have been false flag operations by the U.S. government and who refers to the president as “Pres. Lucifer" and "that POS:"

In May 2012, someone conducted a search of the Archives using the search term “Obama” and found that an unnamed son of Obama Sr. was born in Kenya in 1961. Since the POS in the White House is the only known son of Obama Sr. born after 1960 and before 1963 when Kenya became officially independent from the UK, it is reasonable for us to conclude that the POS is that unnamed son of Obama Sr. born in Kenya in 1961. And in fact, the claimed birth date of the POS is August 4, 1961.