"O’Brien Doesn’t Lead the House, He Misleads It"

On June 8, State Rep. Steve Shurtleff introduced a motion that the House vote on the right-to-work bill that had been vetoed by the Governor. His motion was ruled out of order by Speaker O’Brien and Rep. Cindy Rosenwald followed with a parliamentary inquiry. O’Brien replied, “You might consult with your minority leader who will remind you that on a veto of the medical marijuana bill last time, I stood where you are standing, trying to bring this forward, and that was her ruling as well.”

Rep. Jim Powers checks the facts:

The Speaker apparently forgot that House proceedings are recorded. His assertions were totally false. The record shows that Rep. O’Brien did not make, or attempt to make, any motion with respect to the veto message on medical marijuana (HB 648) in 2009. In 2010, he did make a motion to take up the governor’s veto message on HB 276, relative to challenges of voters. Rep. O’Brien was immediately recognized by then-Speaker Terie Norelli and made his motion. She accepted the motion, and it was immediately voted on. His motion was recognized, not denied, as he tried to claim.

The record shows that New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien doesn’t lead the House, he misleads it.