When Losing Candidates Attack (Each Other)

This extraordinary exchange took place today on House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt’s Facebook page between two of the losing GOP candidates for the Rockingham District 14 state House seat.

Dean Barker has the backstory. Gary Wheaton is the former state Rep. running for the seat he vacated following his arrest in April on charges of driving after his license had been suspended for a reckless driving conviction. Lou Gargiulo is the former two-term Rep. endorsed by the state Republican party establishment to replace Wheaton. They both lost the GOP primary to firefighter Kevin Janvrin.

Lou Gargiulo: Gary you have no credibility and everyone knows it. For the record your pathetic showing yesterday and the circumstances surrounding your resignation are a matter of public record. If there is any blame here it falls squarely on your shoulders. … Go back under your rock and enjoy the view!

Gary Wheaton: @Lou, I sat the election out to give you a chance, but I am done putting up with your shit. As usual, you have no substance, just personal attacks as usual. Which I will submit is another reason why you lost what should have been an easy walk in for you.