Lee Quandt: Kimball Scapegoat for O’Brien Agenda

Reviewing the Jack Kimball imbroglio, Republican state Rep. Lee Quandt says Kimball is the fall guy for the blowback from Speaker O’Brien’s extreme agenda. Kimball needs to go, he concludes, but so does O’Brien.

So I can say that what caused the most problems in the Republican Party is the unprecedented attacks on our public sector employees: our teachers, our fire fighters, our police officers and state workers. This agenda is being manically pursued by Speaker Bully O’Brien and his little band of merry followers.

This has caused thousands of republican public sector employees to pull back from the party, and forced into working with the unions and democrats to defeat these people who are attacking us and our families; hence, the Republican Party is losing special elections. … In short these people, mostly lead by O’Brien have done a good job at splintering the party and placing the lion’s share of the blame on Kimball. There is no question Jack needs to go; but, so [does] O’Brien and his out of control leadership group.