Notable Quotes: N.H. GOP Chair Jack Kimball Resigns

"You’re watching the death of the New Hampshire Republican Party tonight."
E.J. Bleiler, Dover tea party member.

"It’s not about whether he was in the establishment wing, or the tea party wing, or the Dunkin Donuts wing."
Steve Duprey, RNC committeeman. 

“This was trumped up. It was a lynching. They got the mob going and off they went.”
Jerry DeLemus, Granite State Liberty PAC chairman.

“Those people in the government and their friends in the media who want us to fail so they can take more of your money to increase the size of government will attempt to make Jack Kimball’s resignation into a repudiation of our movement…”
Andrew Hemingway, Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire chairman.

“This is the establishment Republicans versus the Tea Party that helped get them into office. They rode us in, now they’re bringing us back to the barn.”
Jeffrey Diggins, Fremont Tea Party activist.

“Outgoing chairman Jack Kimball gave the New Hampshire Republican Party an invaluable gift tonight.”
—Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Reps. Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass, state Senate President Peter Bragdon and state House Speaker Bill O’Brien.