SB-11: ‘Water is in EVERYTHING, including us’


The New Hampshire House today passed Senate Bill 11 by a 254-74 vote. The seemingly innocuous legislation allowing towns and cities to establish water and sewer districts had become a lightning rod among tin foil hat Republicans who condemned its “Agenda 21-isness.”

Witness this apocalyptic warning from Free Stater and former state House Rep. Andrew Manuse:

If this bill passes, your private property will be completely usurped by the stroke of a pen. Water is in EVERYTHING, including us. There’s absolutely no stopping the growth of government with this in place. This bill MUST die!

On the House floor, sponsor Rep. Patrick Abrami (R-Stratham) made light of the conspiracy theorists. "I assure you that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon did not visit Stratham to tell us what to do,” he promised. “OK? It did not happen.”

Dan Tuohy explained the real impetus behind the bill:

Stratham, which has no public water or sewer, is interested in an inter-municipal agreement with Exeter in order to help attract businesses to the Route 108 corridor and to help offset tax burdens for local property taxpayers.

Did Manuse ghostwrite Tremblay’s apology?

We have yet to hear a single New Hampshire politico express support for state House Rep. Stella Tremblay following her comments blaming the U.S. government for the Boston Marathon bombing. Party leaders publicly denounced the Auburn Republican, while her fellow travelers on the far right fringe were largely silent. And then there’s Andrew Manuse.

Two days after Tremblay issued a statement offering an apology of a sort, Manuse published “From Stella’s Shoes.” The former House lawmaker from Derry, whose resume includes “generating press releases” and “ghostwriting,” described the document as the apology he would have given if he had been in Tremblay’s shoes.

Like Tremblay, he began with an “if you were offended” apology.

Tremblay: My sincere apologies if I have offended anyone with my comments regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.

Manuse: To those people offended by the insensitivity of my comments regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing: please accept my sincere apology.

Like Tremblay, he ignored her original assertion (the bombing was a government-run “Black Ops ‘terrorist’ attack”), and pretended she had merely questioned government activities after the bombing:

Tremblay: It was out of my sincere desire to question the violated constitutional rights of the residents in Watertown in the name of searching for one fugitive.

Manuse: I understand that some folks are not ready for bold questions meant to provoke thought, particularly when human life and limb are involved so close to home. Following the bombing, many of New Hampshire’s neighbors to the south in Massachusetts had their homes violently invaded by swarms of police officers dressed and outfitted in military gear… .

Like Tremblay, he even compared press coverage of Richard Nixon’s misdeeds to a lack of inquisitiveness by the media concerning the government’s alleged role in the bombing:

Tremblay: President Richard Nixon was impeached when the media asked the tough questions. Inquisitiveness is only natural when the media is not doing their jobs.

Manuse: At the time that President Richard Nixon resigned, the media did their job to uncover his corruption by asking the tough questions. Inquisitiveness is essential in a free society, and it is only natural when our press is no longer free to do their jobs as in our present situation. 

And like Tremblay, he concludes with a warning of a dystopian future:

Tremblay: When we give up our ‘liberties’ in the name of safety, we truly have agreed to be enslaved.

Manuse: What would be even more tragic than the Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11 or any horrible event like them is an all-encroaching federal government that controls our every move and watches our every breath. … Our future could be quite bleak.

Quote of the day: Made-up social issues

It’s terribly unfortunate that the national wave upset over made-up social issues threw out the best Legislature the state has had in 100 years.

— Former Rep. Andrew Manuse on the 2012 election, in which Democrats regained control of the New Hampshire House with a net gain of 120 seats.

Offended by your squeemishness and girlishness


After former state Rep. Andrew Manuse (R-Derry) posted this image on Facebook, fellow Free Stater Jason Talley complained. An abridged version of the Free Stater vs. Free Stater takedown follows:

Jason Talley That’s demeaning.

Andrew J. Manuse Maybe you should buy a gun, Jason?

Jason Talley Do you have a gun to make you feel like a man? Seems like the wrong reason.

Andrew J. Manuse No, I don’t have it for that reason, but I think having one certainly is the job of the man of the household; namely to protect his household.

Jason Talley That’s sexist.

Andrew J. Manuse I think you’re proving the image’s point.

Jason Talley How am I “proving the image’s point” Andrew J. Manuse?

Andrew J. Manuse I’m offended by your squeemishness and girlishness concerning guns, Jason Talley

Jason Talley You should show examples of my “squeemishness and girlishness” regarding guns. I bet I’ve fired more weapons that you, not that it makes me more of a man that you. Okay, maybe by your lame standard. I was simply addressing your shame tactics by pointing out that it was a demeaning image that you posted.

Andrew J. Manuse It’s not demeaning, it’s propaganda. I’m not going to have a contest with you of that nature, but I doubt you’re correct. What I’ve noticed is any time I post anything to defend the Second Amendment, Jason Talley, you are critical of it. To me, that is more shameful than anything that I might have done in response to such shamefulness.

Jason Talley I support the natural right to own guns but someone shouldn’t be shamed into owning one. Name-calling seems to be more childish than manly, imo. Handling guns requires maturity, regardless of gender.

Andrew J Manuse Jason, I think everyone should own a gun, but this post wasn’t about shaming people into buying one as much as it was just light-hearted fun for someone who reads too much bullshit in the news and was just looking for some levity. Thanks for fucking that up, asshole!

At that point, Manuse “unfriended” Talley and the conversation ended. Manuse later deleted the image and the conversation — but not before Talley captured it with a screenshot.

Quote of the day: Relevant


191:1 Advocacy of Subversive Doctrines Prohibited. — No teacher shall advocate communism as a political doctrine or any other doctrine which includes the overthrow by force of the government of the United States or of this state in any public or state approved school or in any state institution.

— Free Stater and former state House Rep. Andrew Manuse, on New Hampshire’s McCarthy-era loyalty oath.

Manuse gone wild: Beware the Red Menace


We’ve used to reading outrageous pronouncements from Free Stater and former state House Rep. Andrew Manuse, but today’s Facebook missive from the Derry Republican is over the top, even by Manuse’s standards.

After watching a series of Glenn Beck videos, Manuse is convinced a K-12 curriculum management system widely used in Texas will lead to a communist takeover. “Our country will be dead in one generation,” he warns:

Our children are being indoctrinated by communists in their public schools, and they are being taught to honor and aspire to communism. The word “communist” and “communism” is meant to be taken absolutely literally, without embellishment….

Right now, this pilot for this CScope program is just in Texas, but it is in 75 percent of Texas public schools. Just think: in one generation, Texas will be no longer a Republican state. It will be a communist state. What does that mean for the rest of the country?

Well, I’ll tell you: President Obama’s goal is to use the Common Core framework to spread CScope across the nation. Our country will be dead in one generation, if it isn’t already. Folks, not only does Obama need to be impeached, you must start leading the charge in the N.H. Legislature on nullification, and all of you must get on board with the concept.

We have to stop this, or the horrors of the Soviet Union will be in our future, and not just in Russia’s past.

Quote of the day: Unconstitutional and unenforceable

I think it is time for all teachers to start exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms and immediately begin carrying their guns with them to school. I believe they have the right to do so and the law is unconstitutional and unenforceable. Teachers not only have the right, they have the duty to protect our children!

— Former state House Rep. Andrew Manuse

Manuse: ‘The voters have spoken … God help us all’

Yesterday, Gov. Maggie Hassan sent a letter to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services declaring the state’s intent to pursue a federal-state partnership health benefit exchange.

I do not believe it is in the best interest of our people to allow the federal government to impose a one-size-fits-all exchange on New Hampshire,” she explained.

The state is prevented from establishing its own exchange, where consumers will compare and purchase insurance plans, due to a 2012 state law that prohibits it.

Free Stater and former state Rep. Andrew Manuse was the prime sponsor of that law, House Bill 1297. He was convinced that if all the states ceded their regulatory authority to the federal government, it would lead to repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Today, Manuse admits that his plan is in shambles. Congress is not going to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he concedes. “God help us all:”

Elections have consequences. This partnership exchange will be the absolute worst consequence of electing a Democratic House and governor in 2012.

I fought for four years to kill Obamacare, including two in the House that resulted in the passage of HB 1297 (2012) and the prohibition of a state exchange. This partnership exchange is better than a state exchange, but I fear it will not have the desired effect of forcing the Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare with true free-market reforms….

It saddens me greatly to watch my state go down this road, but the voters have spoken, and they will get what they voted for, God help us all!

Quote of the day: Corrupt, illegal and illegitimate

Calling on all good cops, sheriffs and other law enforcement officers to honor their oath and follow the constitution before any illegal orders from their superiors. It is time for good law enforcement officers to stand with the people and against the corrupt, illegal and illegitimate government that has gotten out of control.

— Free Stater and former GOP state Rep. Andrew Manuse

Quote of the day: Thwarted

All of my efforts to stop Obamacare may be thwarted…

— Outgoing GOP Rep. Andrew Manuse, on the federal government’s extension of the deadline for submitting a plan for a state-operated health care exchange

Manuse: Election confirms ‘love’ for NH GOP agenda

Outgoing Free Stater/GOP Rep. Andrew Manuse is in denial. Tuesday, Democrats defeated 75 incumbent Republicans and picked up 120 new seats in the New Hampshire House to take a solid 222-178 majority. Despite this overwhelming defeat, Manuse reads the results as confirmation of “the people’s love” for Speaker Bill O’Brien’s agenda:

Speaker William O’Brien’s re-election proves the people’s love of the last N.H. Legislature’s liberty-loving agenda despite the influence of Obamabots on statewide elections.

Rep. Manuse: Feds should manage NH health insurance

The Joint Healthcare Reform Oversight Committee met yesterday to choose the health insurance plan that will determine the minimum benefits that all individual and small group plans sold in New Hampshire must offer under the Affordable Care Act.

The committee voted 5-1 to select a plan offered by Matthew Thornton Blue, the plan offering the lowest cost benefits, after evaluating competing plans from HMO Blue New England and Government Employees Health Association.

The one dissenting vote came from outgoing GOP/Free Stater Rep. Andrew Manuse who said the state should sit on its hands and let the Federal government choose a plan for Granite State residents. Gary Rayno reports:

Manuse saw no reason for lawmakers to take any action and instead suggested the responsibility should rest with the federal government, which passed the act, not state lawmakers.

“I’m very uncomfortable involving the state in any of us this,” said Manuse, who sponsored a bill last session to prevent state agencies from working with federal officials in establishing a health insurance exchange for the state. “The federal government passed the Affordable Care Act, not us.”

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