Josh Youssef accuses Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins of lying to damage his reputation

In a new video, prospective state Senate candidate Josh Youssef accuses Concord Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins of lying “with the intention of trying to damage” his reputation.

"Annmarie Timmins has a history of distorting facts and actually flat out lying about me and about many other subjects in her newspaper," he declares.

"Anyone who reads her work, her smut journalism, will realize within the first couple of paragraphs, if not just the first couple of sentences, what garbage it is that comes off of her pen," he continues.

Youssef was reacting to Timmins’ story that appeared in the Monitor on August 13, 2013. Timmins reported on the Attorney General’s ruling that Youssef violated a state election law during his 2012 state Senate campaign. The AG’s office ruled Youssef violated the law when he published an anonymous blog creating the false impression that attorney Ed Mosca had endorsed his campaign.

Youssef emailed the Monitor’s publisher objecting to Timmins’ description of the blog’s disclaimer. The Monitor subsequently revised the online version of the story and ran a print correction.

In his YouTube description, Youssef gets even more personal:

It is no secret that Annmarie Timmins has what some consider to be a weird “thing” for Josh Youssef. We are not sure exactly why, but if you look at the volume of articles she has and continues to devote to Youssef, and just a quick look at how they are written - It may be clearly seen that something “weird” is going on at the Monitor - more specifically at Timmins’ desk.

Without a hint of irony, Youssef concludes the video by criticizing the Attorney General’s office for “trying to suppress people’s free speech.”

Stark differences in N.H. Senate District 7 debate

State Senate District 7 candidates Andrew Hosmer and Joshua Youssef met tonight in a debate at the Franklin Opera House. Annmarie Timmins, reporter for the Concord Monitor (and alleged Democratic Party propagandist), was there and captured the highlights.

Copycat blog: ‘Ed Mosca obsessed with Josh Youssef’


Last month, Annmarie Timmins reported that state Senate candidate Joshua Youssef had accused House Legal Counsel Ed Mosca of illegally posting court documents on his blog,, to “sabotage” Youssef’s Senate campaign.

Mosca is representing Youssef’s ex-wife in their contentious divorce case. Youssef demanded Mosca resign as House Counsel and he emailed House Republicans asking them to intervene on his behalf with House Speaker Bill O’Brien.

A copycat version of Mosca’s blog has now appeared that extols Youssef’s virtues. The copycat blog,, accuses Mosca of being “not only obsessed, but absolutely consumed with a personal vendetta against Joshua Youssef.” It includes this disclaimer at the bottom of each page:

This site not owned or authored by, or in any way affiliated with NH Attorney Edward C. Mosca, NH Bar ID 9353 or “” All Content provided herein obtained from public sources, is opinion of author, and/or is provided for informational/educational purposes only.

The author is not identified.


Comedy Central takes on Occupy NH, Inc.

Occupy New Hampshire has splintered into two separate factions in a disagreement over participation by Free State Project supporters.

As alleged Democratic Party propagandist Annmarie Timmins reported, members of the anti-FSP group incorporated as a nonprofit and require members to sign a Solidarity Statement and a Commitment to Respectful Conduct.

All this was too much for Comedy Central blogger Ilya Gerner, who noted the irony of this action from a group “opposed to the insatiable greed and undemocratic influence of corporations and the authoritarianism embedded in non-consensual decision making.”

The Free State Project is an alliance of libertarians relocating to New Hampshire to create a libertarian state but who can’t afford the airfare to Somalia. Many have been joining in Occupy protests because New Hampshire is weird that way, making this the most significant schism since the People’s Front of Judea vehemently opposed the Judean People’s Front.

Tensions between Free Staters and some Occupiers have risen after the realization that building a social movement based on shared cultural preferences, rather than policy goals, ends in tears as both groups return to occupying their parents’ basements.

Tweet of the Day: #NHHouse + #NHSenate AGREE

D.J., You Never Call! You Never Write!

This afternoon, state House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt released a statement criticizing Gov Lynch over his nomination of attorney Jim Bassett to the state Supreme Court. Annmarie Timmins and Bettencourt then went back and forth on Twitter over the details of the statement. Timmins got the last word.

Concord Today: All Out War Between House and Senate

The House and Senate sessions in Concord today were extraordinary. The Senate picked up where it left off swatting away the frivolous, the extreme and the downright wacky legislation sent its way by the House.

The House retaliated by attaching the language from the defeated bills as non-germane amendments to Senate bills on which they were already voting and tabling six noncontroversial Senate bills as hostages. Wow.

Today’s Appalling Anti-Abortion Testimony

Annmarie Timmins covered today’s Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearings for the Concord Monitor. Her tweets describe the testimony from House Representatives in support of the anti-abortion bills.

Fireworks in the N.H. House

It was another wild and woolly House session in Concord this morning. We’ll pick it up when the House GOP returns from a private caucus called by Speaker O’Brien.

Update: The House Democrats issued a statement calling Speaker O’Brien’s actions “an unprecedented power grab.”

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