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'Culture-destroying, anti-American, statist propaganda'

All the Democrat representatives except two and a bunch of Republican representatives voted for HB 1251. Their votes were to require you to pay, through your taxes and whether you want to or not, for the culture-destroying, anti-American, statist propaganda that is public television. … So now, if the Senate agrees, you too will be financing the collectivists in their efforts to convert all of us into European socialists.

— Former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien, on legislation that would repeal a limitation on state funding for New Hampshire Public Television

2013 in review: ‘A Year in NH GOP Shame’

With 2013 nearly in the rear view mirror, Susan Bruce catalogs 12 months of sensational and offensive remarks from the state’s Republican lawmakers. Some made national headlines, as when Stella Tremblay claimed the U.S. government carried out the Boston Marathon bombing and Bill O’Brien likened health care reform to the Fugitive Slave Act. Some were less high profile but no less preposterous:

Rep. William O’Brien, speaking at a “right to work” hearing: “New Hampshire wages are artificially high, a symptom of stagnation.” […]

Rep. JR Hoell speaking on one of last session’s gazillion gun bills: “Maybe Democrats want a young mother to allow her children to be murdered as she runs under a table to hide instead of take a weapon from her purse and save her most precious loved ones?” […]

Rep. Jane Cormier, in a lengthy floor speech on SB11, a bill to allow municipalities to work together on financing and building water and sewer projects: “The EPA now considers rainwater a pollutant.” […]

"The wheels are coming off the GOP clown car, kids," Bruce writes. "Stay tuned…"

Pope Francis and Bill O’Brien: Compare and contrast

In writing about Pope Francis, blogger (and Rockabilly Hall of Fame member) Randy Haspel compares the pontiff’s message with that of conservative politicians — including a former New Hampshire Speaker of the House:

Americans of a certain political bent have rejected the pope’s message as leftist propaganda. Famous Christian thinker Sarah Palin reared her ugly head to declare the pope was far too liberal. Other politicians have had so many running commentaries that differ with the pontiff, I thought it might be fun to compare some quotes: […]

"It is vital that government leaders take heed and broaden their horizons, working to ensure that all citizens have dignified work, education, and health care." — Pope Francis

"And what is Obamacare? It is a law as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 that allowed slave owners to come to New Hampshire and seize African Americans and use the federal courts to take them back to … slave states." — New Hampshire state representative Bill O’Brien

Quote of the day: Another false flag candidate

My fear in deciding to not run again for political office and take up my career in business was that we would be left with yet another false flag candidate in the Republican primary in the 2d Congressional District; someone calling himself conservative and yet, on policy after policy, whether it is support of Common Core or being the deciding vote to keep the Energy Cap and Trade Tax in NH, following in the Democrats’ wake by adopting most of their policies. I was concerned that he would try to convince us that it is sufficient to oppose liberals on one or two policies in order to gain conservative support.

— Former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien, on second district congressional candidate Gary Lambert

Bill O’Brien’s latest racist rant: Media covering up black crime wave targeting white folks

In posts scattered around Facebook, former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien promotes the latest right-wing meme: there’s a black crime wave targeting white folks — and the media is covering it up in the name of political correctness:

Accurate reporting would have let us know long ago that there has developed an established pattern - a game - of unprovoked, racist attacks by black young men on helpless, usually solitary and older, white and Hispanic people.

Once again the legacy media, which is run by statists and leftist apologists, has done our country a disservice. And people have died because of their ideological blinders.

"Are there incidents of this in New Hampshire?" O’Brien was asked:

Apparently it is an ongoing occurrence in urban areas and states, including Massachusetts. Giving the misreporting it is hard, if not impossible, to determine its extent there or whether it is occurring in NH. It’s sort of like voter fraud: if you ignore it, then you can deny it.

For evidence, O’Brien linked to a Thomas Sowell piece describing the “knockout game.”

The way the game is played,” wrote Sowell, “one of a number of young blacks decides to show that he can knock down some stranger on the streets, preferably with one punch, as they pass by. Often some other member of the group records the event, so that a video of that ‘achievement’ is put on the Internet, to be celebrated.”

Old news, writes Salon’s Alex Pareene:

This belief in an epidemic of black-on-white crime that the press and law enforcement conspire to keep secret is an old one, and crazies have been sending newspapers mimeographed manifestos on the subject for years. It’s a common topic of discussion at white supremacist message boards and in the comments sections of newspapers, which are often indistinguishable from white supremacist newsletters. It was the sort of crap Ron Paul’s famous newsletters would cover, back when he was trying to win the ‘rednecks’ over to the libertarian cause. The sort of people who obsess over this shit are of course older, white and likely already terrified of America’s urban areas and black neighborhoods. …

O’Brien references “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” a self-published book by Colin Flaherty that describes an epidemic of race riots and media cover-ups — a tome Pareene dismisses as “a silly book designed solely to scare white people:”

So here’s the thing: If you look for every example of crimes committed by black people in every American city over the last three to five years, you’ll find enough examples to make it sound like a lot of crime, because America is a violent country with a lot of crime, a lot of poverty and a lot of impoverished minority neighborhoods located conveniently close to much wealthier white neighborhoods (and business districts where everything is also owned by white people).

But this epidemic of racial crime isn’t an epidemic. It’s barely a blip. According to the FBI, there were 575 crimes motivated by anti-white bias in 2010, nationwide. There were 545 anti-white crimes in 2009 and 716 in 2008. There were more than 2,000 crimes motivated by anti-black bias in each one of those years. Of course, the book insinuates that all black-on-white crime is racially motivated, but even by that standard things are looking pretty rosy in America right now.

Former N.H. House Speaker Bill O’Brien: I am in control

The performance by former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien in today’s House vote on Medicaid expansion brought to mind the infamous Alexander Haig “I am in control" episode. Former state Rep. Jennifer Daler (D-Temple) was on hand to capture O’Brien’s antics:

National Organization for Marriage fails to deliver

In January, 2012, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) pledged to spend $250,000 in support of the effort to repeal same-sex marriage in New Hampshire.

"We intend to hold every legislator accountable for his or her vote on marriage," said NOM president Brian Brown. "Those who support HB 437 will be rewarded, while those who don’t will suffer the consequences.”

It appears to have been an idle threat.

IRS forms filed by NOM and its affiliated “Education Fund" identify just $14,000 in contributions to Granite State politicians last year: $7,000 to the House Republican Victory PAC (then chaired by former Speaker Bill O’Brien), $5,000 to the Bill O’Brien for Speaker committee, $1,000 to the Committee to Reelect Bill O’Brien State Rep and $1,000 to the Friends of Stephen Stepanek committee.

Perhaps the group, which has been labeled “anti-gay” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for propagating “demonizing propaganda” based on “known falsehoods” and “repeated, groundless name-calling,” lost interest after the legislation to repeal marriage equality went down to defeat in March.

Quote of the day: Vestigial Country Club dinosaurs

[W]hat is truly alive and vibrant in this party are its conservative activists and not the vestigial Country Club dinosaurs.

Bill O’Brien, former state House Speaker, on New Hampshire Republican party.

Bill O’Brien: ‘Conservatives will be on the first train to Auschwitz … I will be honored to sit on that train’

Bill O’Brien was silent when his allies filed criminal complaints against 189 New Hampshire lawmakers for their vote on “stand your ground” legislation. But when a Huffington Post column and a MoveOn petition suggested members of the U.S. House are guilty of sedition, the former state House Speaker raised the specter of Tea Party Republicans being sent to Nazi concentration camps:

The mindset of oppression: Liberals want to send U.S. House GOP members to jail for 20 years for not voting to fund Obamacare:

And they are just shy of 30,000 signatures on a petition to do so.

I hope to join them in any indictment by not backing off from fiscal reality and by voting not to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire in the upcoming special session. Another failure to spend our way to bankruptcy that should be an indictable offense.

As has been said before, when the time comes, Conservatives will be on the first train to Auschwitz sent by the socialists, whether they be of the international variant (Communists) or the nationalist genre (Fascists).

I will be honored to sit on that train next to Tea Party Republicans who kept the faith and to wave good bye at the station to the “useful idiots" such as Karl Rove, John McCain and other Country Club Republicans as we leave the station. [link formatting added]

Bill O’Brien blasts ‘Establisment Republicans’

A sarcastic Bill O’Brien blasted GOP chair Jennifer Horn and “Establishment Republicans” for failing to give him proper credit for the state’s $76 million budget surplus.

It surely would have been nice to thank Jennifer and Co. for the state party carefully making sure that the withering partisan criticism of 2011-2012 House Republicans over the last two and a half years for crafting a conservative budget, criticism that Establishment Republicans did not have the words or courage to match when it was happening, at least resulted in Establishment Republican praise when a $76 million surplus was confirmed,” he wrote. “Nice, but not possible.”

O’Brien was reacting to a statement by party spokesman Ryan Williams that praised “the fiscally conservative Republican Legislature” and “Republican leaders like Senator Chuck Morse” but noticeably failed to name the former Speaker.

"Once again the state party regulars have shown that they are there covering the backs of lowly state representatives even if they are conservative and not moderates - Not," he complained.

O’Brien looked to an unlikely source for confirmation, a Telegraph editorial. “Certainly the Telegraph was happy to note the slight,” he wrote. The editorial in question blamed the omission on O’Brien being “too politically radioactive even within his own party – a result of the widespread negative karma he engendered during his time leading the House in the 2011-12 session.”

Epilogue: Sturm Ruger decision all about the benjamins

When gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced in July that they would not be locating their new manufacturing plant in New Hampshire, Republicans blamed it on the legislature’s failure to enact a right-to-work law.

"Despite Legislative Democrats’ mantra that no business considers right to work laws in coming to a state or staying in a state…" wrote former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien, "here’s direct evidence, and a demonstrable loss of great manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire, that they do.”

An Associated Press behind-the-scenes analysis puts that notion to rest. North Carolina gave the gun manufacturer more than 15 million reasons to locate the plant in the Tar Heel State that had nothing to do with right-to-work.

As early as March, the report notes, Sturm Ruger had selected a former textile mill in North Carolina as the likely site for their new plant. “Yet Ruger dangled the possibility it still could go elsewhere” in order to extract financial concessions from the state. And extract they did:

Gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. made clear early and publicly that North Carolina was its preferred location for a new factory and the hundreds of jobs it would bring. But the company kept alive enough doubt that state officials raised their offer of tax breaks and other sweeteners three times.

The state and company ended a nearly five-month courtship in mid-August by agreeing on a package of incentives that could be worth $13.7 million if Ruger meets investment and hiring goals. Including additional incentives from the town of Mayodan and Rockingham County, the total package could be worth $15.5 million.

Quote of the day: Dumb

Yeah, some people really are that dumb.

Charles P. Pierce, on former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien comparing health care reform to the Fugitive Slave Act

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