Barker Derangement Syndrome: ‘No ordinary citizen’


New Hampshire Republicans’ latest bogeyman has achieved mythical proportions. Democratic candidates are tainted by his mere support. He’s no Ordinary Citizen. He’s Blue Hampshire founder Dean Barker.

First there was this guilt by association blog entry from Ed Mosca, House legal counsel under then-Speaker Bill O’Brien, who attacked Executive Counsel candidate Mike Cryans after Barker expressed support on Twitter:

Based on my review of his tweets/blogs I would describe [Barker] as zealously in favor of heavy and ubiquitous government regulation and taxation. I found no attempt to explain the consistent historic failure of these policies to create and spread economic prosperity. I suspect if given his druthers he would outlaw private ownership of guns, or allow government to pick and choose who may own guns. His gripe with Obamacare is that it is not robust enough government-controlled health care. His passion for the issues he cares about and his belief that more government is the solution is matched by his intense antipathy for Republicans.

So, you’ve got to ask yourself, why is this guy supporting Mike Cryans.

Huge shoutout to Mr. Mosca for uncovering my plot to use Mike Cryans as a puppet for ‘heavy and ubiquitous gov’t regulation and taxation,’ ” responded Barker.


Then there was this comical exchange on Twitter between Barker and state House Rep. Leon Rideout (R-Lancaster) after Barker objected to legislation that would raise the speed limit on Interstate 89:

Barker: “NO. 1000 TIMES, NO!”

Barker: “The scariest part of the winter for me: driving on I-89 btwn exits 12-15 with iffy conditions & clueless tourists spinning out”

Barker: “If the #NHHouse spent quality time btwn exits 10-16 on I-89 during a weekend light snow event they’d stop lending credulity to a city pol”

Barker: “Fact: snow tires and careful driving don’t protect you when you share a snowy hwy with a tourist going 80 because the sign says 70”

Rideout: “Quit whining !!”

Barker: “Elected member of the #NHHouse responds to NH voter”

Rideout: “like Barker is just a Ordinary Citizen”

Barker: “What does that even mean? #superpowers”

Rideout: “I was responding to you Mr Barker a known Left Wing Radical #LiberalLogic”

Former somebodies D.J. Bettencourt and Ed Mosca debate influence of progressive online community

Please pardon a bit of self indulgence as we eavesdrop on a Facebook debate between D.J. Bettencourt and Ed Mosca over the influence of this “obscure extreme liberal blog” and the progressive online community.

Mosca, who served as House legal counsel under then-Speaker Bill O’Brien, warns that we “drive news coverage.” Bettencourt, House majority leader under O’Brien, counters that we “are the least of the NHGOP’s problems.” (Blue Hampshire founder Dean Barker makes a guest appearance.)

Ed Mosca DJ, do u realize that u r enabling Ray Buckley’s propaganda machine when u allow Dem trolls access 2 threads like this? Anything anybody posts can b yanked out of context and provided to head-trolls Dean Barker and Tucker, for coordinated attacks on GOP.

D.J. Bettencourt Unless the comments are offensive or inappropriate, I do not edit or censor the debate.

Ed Mosca DJ, I wasn’t talking about editing or censoring. I was talking about how FB posts of GOP showing up routinely on websites of head-trolls Dean Barker & Tucker to attack GOP. U r being naive if u think Dem troll’s purpose is engaging in a serious discussion. It’s not; it is 2 produce fodder 4 Dem trolls 2 attack GOP.

D.J. Bettencourt Ed, I appreciate where you are coming from. However, I trust that people have learned by now that anything posted on social media is public. It is important for everyone to bear that in mind when commenting. I learned that lesson the hard way. Second, I couldn’t care less what people on silly obscure extreme liberal blogs have to say about me and they are the least of the NHGOP’s problems.

Ed Mosca DJ, actually Dems drive news coverage with these “obscure extreme liberal blogs” combined with twitter & aggressive courting of press. All things GOP has 2 improve on. …

Josh Youssef launches 2014 state Senate campaign on heels of ruling he violated state election law


Josh Youssef has launched a campaign to win the state Senate seat he lost in 2012, undeterred by a ruling from the Attorney General’s office that he violated the state’s election law in his last race.

The Laconia businessman, who lost the District 7 Senate seat to Democrat Andrew Hosmer by a 59% to 41% margin, has dusted off his 2012 campaign Facebook page and renamed it, “Draft Josh Youssef for NH Senate 2014.”

Days after he relaunched the page, Youssef received the state’s ruling that he had violated RSA 666:6 when he created a website that gave the false impression that attorney Ed Mosca had endorsed his campaign.  

In a YouTube video, a defiant Youssef denied violating the statute and called the ruling “a politically-motivated trick” to derail his bid for the state Senate.

He concluded the video with the beginnings of a campaign stump speech, declaring that he is “now more than ever committed … to ensure that we work hard to restore our freedoms and liberties and individual capacities and to bring back to our children the same New Hampshire that I was fortunate enough to grow up in.”

Youssef’s campaign may not be welcomed by party leaders. When the election law ruling was announced, former state GOP chair Fergus Cullen tweeted, “#NoMoreCrazy noms costing GOP seats.”

Josh Youssef blasts Attorney General ruling he violated election law as ‘politically motivated trick’

A defiant Josh Youssef blasted a ruling by the state’s Attorney General’s office that he violated the state’s election law by publishing a deceptive and misleading website.

The former state Senate candidate defended his actions as protected political speech, which he called “the underpinning of our entire political process.” Youssef derided the complaint as “just a politically-motivated trick to try to derail my bid for the state Senate.”

The dispute dates back to August 2012, when Youssef was vying for the Republican nomination in Senate District 7. In the middle of his campaign, Youssef became embroiled in a public spat with attorney Ed Mosca, who was representing Youssef’s ex-wife in their contentious divorce case.

After Mosca posted court documents related to the divorce on his blog,, a second blog appeared that was virtually identical to Mosca’s in look and feel. The anonymous copycat blog,, praised Youssef and endorsed his candidacy.

Mosca filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office accusing Youssef of violating the state’s election law. After an 11-month investigation, the state ruled Youssef had violated RSA 666:6 “by creating a blog that lead viewers to believe that it was in fact Ed Mosca’s blog or gave the false impression that Ed Mosca endorsed” his campaign.

In a three minute video he posted on YouTube, Youssef admits he created the copycat blog but says it had a disclaimer “on every single page” stating it was not affiliated with Mosca. The disclaimer was “hardwired into the template,” he explained. “I should know, I have a copy of the template.”

Youssef denied he violated the state’s election law statute, which makes it illegal to “falsely represent” a political endorsement “for the purpose of influencing votes,” but said he also believes the law is unconstitutional. “It flies in the face of everything we hold sacred in America,” he declared.

"Rest assured, I never violated anything. I was never charged with anything," he said. "We’re dealing with an overzealous divorce lawyer, who I believe has a creepy, personal obsession with taking down Josh Youssef for some bizarre, creepy reason."

Former state Senate candidate Josh Youssef guilty of election law violation for operating copycat blog


The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has ruled former state Senate candidate Joshua Youssef (R-Laconia) violated the state’s election law when he published a deceptive and misleading web site.

In August 2012, Youssef was involved in a public spat with attorney Ed Mosca, who was representing Youssef’s ex-wife in their contentious divorce case. Youssef accused Mosca of trying to sabotage his District 7 Senate campaign after Mosca posted court documents related to the divorce on his blog,

A few weeks later, Miscellany Blue first reported on the existence of a copycat blog,, that was virtually identical to Mosca’s blog in look and feel. The anonymous copycat blog praised Youssef and accused Mosca of waging a “personal vendetta” against him.

After Mosca filed a complaint with the Attorney General, investigators obtained records from proving Youssef owned the rights to the domain name and concluded Youssef “created and operated” the copycat blog.

The state determined that Youssef violated RSA 666:6 “by creating a blog that lead viewers to believe that it was in fact Ed Mosca’s blog or gave the false impression that Ed Mosca endorsed” his campaign.

Though Youssef took down the copycat site soon after it appeared, the Attorney General’s Office issued a Cease and Desist Order and warned Youssef that failure to comply could result in prosecution in New Hampshire Superior Court.

The Attorney General’s finding was made public by Mosca on the same blog that Youssef mimicked.

The best way to advance their Free State agenda

Ed Mosca, consigliere to former state House Speaker Bill O’Brien, has some advice for Free Staters hoping to advance their libertarian/anarchist agenda. Run as Democrats in Democratic-leaning districts, tweets Mosca.

He’s a day late and a dollar short.

Free Staters who ran and won as Democrats in November have already separated from the pack. Tim O’Flaherty (D-Manchester) was the only Democrat voting in favor of a constitutional amendment that would have required a super-majority vote to raise taxes. Michael Garcia (D-Nashua) was the only Democrat voting today in support of right-to-work legislation.

Let the voter beware.

Josh Youssef: Do as I say, not as I do

This week, state Senate candidate Josh Youssef took to Facebook to complain that his opponent had created a “fake website” using his name.

My opponent and his clan are getting concerned. They created a fake website using my name and are advertising it like crazy on Facebook and Youtube. I wonder if they know that they are using photos of me for which I own the copyright? These Democrats will use anything they can find to try and steal an election.

In September, the Union Leader reported House Counsel Ed Mosca filed a lawsuit against Youssef for, you guessed it, creating a “fake website” using his name.  

Ed Mosca of Manchester filed the complaint against Republican candidate Josh Youssef, alleging Youssef falsely replicated Mosca’s blog to make it appear Mosca supports Youssef’s candidacy.

Mosca filed the complaint alleging Youssef created a false blog,, to make it appear Mosca supports the candidacy of Youssef. Mosca runs a blog at

Copycat blog: ‘Ed Mosca obsessed with Josh Youssef’


Last month, Annmarie Timmins reported that state Senate candidate Joshua Youssef had accused House Legal Counsel Ed Mosca of illegally posting court documents on his blog,, to “sabotage” Youssef’s Senate campaign.

Mosca is representing Youssef’s ex-wife in their contentious divorce case. Youssef demanded Mosca resign as House Counsel and he emailed House Republicans asking them to intervene on his behalf with House Speaker Bill O’Brien.

A copycat version of Mosca’s blog has now appeared that extols Youssef’s virtues. The copycat blog,, accuses Mosca of being “not only obsessed, but absolutely consumed with a personal vendetta against Joshua Youssef.” It includes this disclaimer at the bottom of each page:

This site not owned or authored by, or in any way affiliated with NH Attorney Edward C. Mosca, NH Bar ID 9353 or “” All Content provided herein obtained from public sources, is opinion of author, and/or is provided for informational/educational purposes only.

The author is not identified.


Rep. Seth Cohn: “Ed Mosca Defriended Me Over This…”

When New Hampshire’s Republican lawmakers aren’t using the “All Representatives” email list to publicly embarrass themselves, they generally use Facebook. The latest episode involves a pissing contest between GOP/Free Stater Rep. Seth Cohn and House Legal Counsel Ed Mosca. Eventually Mosca took his ball and went home. He followed House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s lead and defriended Cohn.

Ed Mosca defriended me over this…
by Seth Cohn on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 11:12pm ·

Ed posted this, and I saw it thank to my FB ticker, and linked to it a few places, and luckily had it open, and guess what, he defriended me, to hide it from me. Oh well, Ed, too bad. You wrote it, It’s public. Welcome to Facebook, maybe next time, you’ll understand what got DJ into trouble.

House Counsel “Playing the Role of Secret Police”

When the crowd in the State House gallery voiced their opposition during Wednesday’s contraception debate, GOP Rep. Steve Vaillancourt says Speaker Bill O’Brien dispatched House Counsel Ed Mosca.

[H]e’s apparently not merely pulling down a salary by sitting behind the Speaker on session days and coming up with unconstitutional redistricting plans, but the Speaker is using him to police House galleries. Mosca was sent upstairs Wednesday, intent on silencing those in the crowd who dared express disapproval over the contraception vote.

Hopefully someone got a picture of the legal counsel serving the role of gendarme (Gestapo might be too flamboyant a title, but if you translate the word from German, it would be perfectly accurate, state secret police). Mosca, legal counsel, is certainly playing the role of secret police when so dispatched.

O’Brien’s Arrogant Dismissal of House Gallery Lawsuit

During the contentious House debate over the state budget last spring, Speaker O’Brien cleared the House gallery and locked the public out. Opponents decried the act as unconstitutional. The state Constitution does seem pretty unambiguous: 

"The doors of the galleries, of each house of the legislature, shall be kept open to all persons who behave decently, except when the welfare of the state, in the opinion of either branch, shall require secrecy."

Not so, says Speaker O’Brien. In a response to a lawsuit filied by former state Sens. Maggie Hassan and Bette Lasky, O’Brien and House Counsel Ed Mosca argue the Speaker has the authority to prohibit public access to legislative sessions any time he chooses.

His argument? The State House was built after the Constitution was written, therefore galleries can’t refer to today’s Statehouse galleries. Seriously.

Mosca notes that Part II, Article 8 was written in 1792. The State House wasn’t built until 1819. ”Thus, the voters who passed Part II, Article 8 could not have understood it to specifically refer to the portions of the present Statehouse which we call the House gallery and the Senate gallery,” Mosca wrote.

And besides, O’Brien argues, the House balcony doesn’t even meet the dictionary definition of the term “gallery” at the time.

The definition reads: “A kind of walk along the floor of a house, into which the doors of the apartments open; the upper seats in a church; the seats in a playhouse above the pit.”

Responds Hassan:

"It doesn’t appear to me that he is taking the issue very seriously."

House Counsel Snubs Redress of Grievances Committee

House Speaker O’Brien’s pride and joy, the Redress of Grievances Committee, has been derided by the state’s newspapers as a “kangaroo court” and an “embarrassing farce.” The committee has apparently become so radioactive that even Speaker O’Brien’s handpicked House Legal Counsel, Ed Mosca, doesn’t want to be associated with it any more.

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