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Crack team of N.H. House Republicans track down Miscellany Blue editor leading double life in Virginia

There’s an architect in Virginia who must be wondering what he ever did to piss off a bunch of Tea Party lawmakers in New Hampshire.


Research by state House Rep. Steve Beaudoin (R-Rochester) with support from Reps. John Burt (R-Goffstown), JR Hoell (R-Dunbarton) and Daniel Tamburello (R-Londonerry).

Karen Testerman is angry at Barak [sic] Obama

In a campaign email, U.S. Senate hopeful Karen Testerman misspelled the President’s name. “We are … Angry that our government won’t pass a budget! Not since Jeanne Shaheen and Barak Obama were elected in 2008,” she wrote. Just sayin’

Ayotte’s ‘Oops’ Moment on Deficit Reduction

When Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner testified before the Senate Budget Committee, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte was vocal in her criticism of the administration for not embracing the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction recommendations — until she was asked about the report’s proposals for raising revenue.

Geithner was responding to questions by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), and at one point turned the tables on her. He asked Ayotte if, given her “affection” for Bowles-Simpson, she would support its tax reform that raised trillions in revenue for deficit reduction.

“Are you willing to embrace the broad balance of Bowles-Simpson? Then there is a lot to talk about,” he said.

Ayotte would only say that it is up to the president to take the lead on the budget.

Correction of the Year

Larry Sabato and and Alan Abramowitz:

CORRECTION: Due to sloppy research by our interns, the authors would like to clarify a couple of points. It turns out that all news reports cited above were not published in the last ten days, but right after the 1994 Republican midterm landslide. Every time “Barack Obama” appears in print, you should substitute “Bill Clinton”. The acronym “OTB” actually stands for “One-Term Bill” not “One-Term Barack”.


Rhode Island Rejects Name Change

It sounds like a headline ripped from the pages of The Onion, but it’s true. Rhode Island votes resoundingly defeated a ballot initiative to change the state’s official name from “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to “Rhode Island”. Who knew?

Best Automated Voice Mail Transcription Ever

Actual voice mail (Frank Guinta robocall):

"…the failed leadership of Obama, Reid and Pelosi"

Automated transcription:

"…the failed leadership of Obama being a pussy"

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The Prescient Press?

Headline of the Day: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

GOP Legislator Who Crusaded Against College Sex Ed Classes Owns Company That Sells Kinky Sex Gadgets


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Face-off for Best Negative Ad of the Year

"Bill Brady will kill your dog" or "Sam Katz kicks children in the face."
You make the call.


They Do Things Differently in California

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and Senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina were in Newport Beach to attend the Hispanic 100 lifetime Achievement Award Gala.

Before speaking, the two Republican candidates … downed shots of tequila as the crowd cheered them on.

Fiorina spoke first, saying, “…[I] think every speech should begin with a shot of Tequila.” Then she let out a yell, “It was great!”

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Quote of the Day: Financial Crisis, What Financial Crisis?

"America was doing pretty well in January of 2008."

—Republican Charlie Bass, 2nd District Congressional candidate

Turning a Lemon into Lemonade

North Carolina Republican Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano had footage to die for when he made a campaign ad: an introduction from NBC anchor Stone Phillips and reporter Ann Curry. They just needed a little editing.

Here are the original quotes, with the cuts in brackets:

[His decision to take two lives led to rare criminal charges that could cost him his own life.] Ilario Pantano, described by one superior as having more integrity, dedication and drive than any Marine he’s ever met, [now stands charged with murder.]

You served in Gulf One, you got out, you got a big great job [at Goldman Sachs], a beautiful wife and a kid, then 9/11 happened, you come home, your hair is shaved off, you’re ready to head back into a war zone to help America.

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