Bonus quote of the day: Fascist tendencies

In New Hampshire, I’ll go on record as saying that we must lay the blame at the fascist tendencies of leadership — yes, I know it’s dangerous to use that word, but Ovide’s extreme social conservatism, teamed with the bullying Stalinist tactics of Bill O’Brien, set the tone for the Democratic sweep. Republicans got what they deserved by and large, but unfortunately as always, a lot of good people got caught up in the sweep — me nearly.

— GOP state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, on Democrats winning a majority of seats in the House of Representatives after two years of a Republican control.

NEC: Obama up by 4, Hassan by 2

President Obama leads Mitt Romney 50% to 46% in the final New England College poll of New Hampshire likely voters. Obama had a five point lead in last week’s NEC survey.

“For the third poll in a row President Obama is showing strength in New Hampshire,” said Ben Tafoya, NEC Poll director.  “He must be considered the favorite, by a small margin, to carry the state on Tuesday.”

Democrat Maggie Hassan has a two point lead over Republican Ovide Lamontagne, 47% to 45%. 7% are still undecided. Men prefer Lamontagne by a 49% to 42% margin. Hassan leads among women 53% to 41%.

The results are based on automated calls using landlines and cellphones to 687 likely voters for president with a +/- 3.7% margin of error and 666 likely voters for governor with a +/- 4.1% margin of error. The survey was conducted on November 3-4, 2012.

PPP: Obama leads 50%-48%, Hassan up 51%-47%

President Obama leads Mitt Romney 50% to 48% in the final New Hampshire poll of the 2012 election cycle from Public Policy Polling. Obama’s small lead is consistent with results from previous surveys, which have produced an average Obama lead of one point in three polls since the first presidential debate.

For the second week in a row, Hassan has a four point lead over Republican Ovide Lamontagne, 51% to 47%. “Democrat Maggie Hassan is looking like the favorite to be the next Governor of New Hampshire, writes PPP president Dean Debnam. 

PPP surveyed 1,550 likely voters with a +/-2.5 margin of error. The automated telephone interviews were conducted November 3-4, 2012.

WMUR/GSP: Obama & Romney tied, Hassan by 5

Once again, a WMUR/Granite State Poll purports to indicate a major swing in New Hampshire’s presidential contest. Today’s survey has the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney tied at 47% each (48% each with “leaners”). The previous Granite State Poll, on October 22, had Obama leading 51% to 42%.

In a result more consistent with most other pollsters, Democrat Maggie Hassan leads Republican Ovide Lamontagne by five points, 45% to 40%. 13% are still undecided. When undecided voters are asked to identify which candidate they are leaning towards supporting, Hassan leads 47% to 42%, with 8% undecided. 

The Granite State Poll is sponsored by WMUR-TV and conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. The results are based on telephone interviews of 502 likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 4.4%. The survey was conducted on October 31 and November 1-2, 2012 on landline and cellular telephones.

RLCNH chair: ‘We will not let Gov. Lamontagne forget’

Today, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire chair begged her members and supporters not to “vote their conscience” by supporting the Libertarian candidate for governor. Carolyn McKinney wrote that Republican Ovide Lamontagne needs the “liberty contingent” to win the gubernatorial contest with Democrat Maggie Hassan. And then, she promised, he will owe us.

For anyone who still doubts Ovide is the only choice for governor, please consider that the liberty contingent of Republican and independent voters are the only people who can help him top Maggie. We will not let Gov. Lamontagne forget that once he makes it into office. If led by principled Republicans in the Legislature and advocates of liberty from the outside, we can expect that liberty will not only advance in New Hampshire, it will thrive under Gov. Ovide Lamontagne.

The RLCNH agenda defines liberty as stopping “judicial tyranny,” preventing “multinational overreaches such as Agenda 21 and International Baccalaureate,” allowing residents to carry concealed guns without a license, repealing healthcare reform, blocking the expansion of Medicaid and a constitutional amendment to “protect the natural rights of parents.”

Debate prep: Pillamina returns to greet Ovide

Pillamina returns. The comically larger-than-life-sized birth control pill pack will attend tonight’s gubernatorial debate at St. Anselm College to remind voters that Republican Ovide Lamontagne has said he would defund Planned Parenthood — an act that would eliminate access to cancer screenings, breast exams and birth control for thousands of women.

“Our presence will help ensure that voters know that Ovide Lamontagne is radically different than Governor Lynch and dangerously wrong for women’s health,” said Pillamina. “When women know that Ovide Lamontagne would take away access to birth control, breast exams, and cancer screenings, they don’t like it one bit.”

"That’s why we will be at tonight’s debate," added Jennifer Frizzell, Planned Parenthood senior policy advisor, “to show that New Hampshire women are watching — and women will be voting for Maggie Hassan on November 6th.”

Pillamina was last spotted in the Granite State this summer when she met Mitt Romney and reminded voters of the stark contrast between Romney and President Obama on women’s health issues.

NBC/WSJ/Marist Poll: Obama up by 2, Hassan by 5

President Obama leads Mitt Romney 49% to 47% among likely Granite State voters in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll. Obama led 51% to 44% in NBC’s September poll.

Democrat Maggie Hassan has opened up a five point advantage over Republican Ovide Lamontagne and leads 49% to 44%. Hassan led by two points, 47% to 45%, in the last survey.

The results are based on interviews with 1013 likely voters on October 28-29, 2012. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.

Ovide: A good man who would be a disastrous governor

Katy Burns has known Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne for 23 years. In her Concord Monitor column yesterday, she praised him for his exceptional kindness. “He is a good, decent man,” she wrote. “And it is precisely because I know Ovide is a man of honor, a man of his word, that I cannot support him for governor.”

Ovide Lamontagne is not just another politician, saying — à la shape-shifter extraordinaire Mitt Romney — whatever his audience wants to hear, willing to change his positions as often as a normal man changes his socks.

He means what he says.

Ovide means — really means — what he says. And some of what he believes is antithetical to what I’ve come to value in modern American life. Which should be fine. What friends don’t disagree?

Except that if Ovide is elected governor, particularly if the current reactionary activist Republican legislators are reelected, he will be in a position to effect changes in policies that I think would be disastrous for many Granite Staters. Because Ovide is a principled person. And he really does mean what he says — admirable in the abstract but scary in practice.

PPP: Obama up 49%-47%, Hassan leads 48%-44%

Quote of the day: This small town called N.H.

New Hampshire voters don’t especially want their governor to be this ideological agent of change. New Hampshire voters want their governor to be on hand in case of an emergency, but they have this idea the governor is being like the mayor of this small town called New Hampshire.

Dante Scala, UNH political scientist

Today’s NH Polls: Obama up by 3-points

Two new polls came out today, both giving President Obama a 3-point lead in the contest for New Hampshire’s four electoral votes.

Grove Insight: Obama 47%, Romney 44%

A new survey conducted by Grove Insight has President Obama leading Mitt Romney by a 47% to 44% margin. 7% are undecided.

The poll commissioned by progressive-oriented Project New America and US Action documents a dramatic 32-point gender gap. Obama has a 19-point lead (56% to 37%) among women voters, but trails by 13-points (39% to 52%) with men. Obama is more popular, with a +6 net favorability rating  (52% favorable, 46% unfavorable) compared to Romney’s -3 rating (48% favorable, 51% unfavorable).

The results are based on interviews with 500 likely voters conducted by Grove Insight October 24-25, 2012. The margin of error is +-4.4%.

New England College: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

WMUR reports the first ever survey from New England College’s Center for Civic Engagement gives President Obama a 49% to 46% lead over Mitt Romney with 4% undecided.

The respondents were also polled on the state’s gubernatorial contest. In that race, Democrat Maggie Hassan and Republican Ovide Lamontagne tied at 45% each. 9% were undecided.

The results are based on automated calls to 571 likely voters on October 23-25, 2012 using landlines and cellphones.The survey has a margin of error of +-4.1%.

Bruce: Avoid Ovide, regardless of your ovarian status

Writing in the Concord Daily Sun, Susan Bruce says the last two years have been unbearable for those who love the state. The extremist legislation enacted during the last two years will be compounded, she warns, if Republican regressive Ovide Lamontagne makes it to the corner office:

Ovide is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest. He supports the so-called personhood legislation that would make a clump of cells the legal equal of an adult woman. He’s also opposed to marriage equality, and wants to repeal Obama’s health care law. Despite his obvious religious extremism, Ovide manages (with the help of the complicit media) to be presented as a moderate. All of the extremist legislation we’ve seen enacted during the last two years will be compounded with Lamontagne in the corner office. He’s no friend to education or infrastructure, the two biggest needs in our state.

Just this week, a report shows that New Hampshire is home to a huge gender based pay gap. On average, women earn $0.65 for each dollar a man earns in New Hampshire. Ovide said he didn’t think government should micromanage business, by telling them what to pay people. In other words, Ovide supports the right of employers to pay women less because of their plumbing. At the same time, Ovide does support the right of government to micromanage female reproduction. I’ve been seeing a bumper sticker around that reads, “Got Ovaries? Avoid Ovide.” It’s good advice for everyone, regardless of their ovarian status.

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